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The Perfect Wine Opener:

This ingenious new wine opener uses air pressure to “pop” the cork from the inside out without damaging the cork. Inside The Perfect Wine Opener Gift Set, you’ll find everything you could ever need to open, pour, and store your favorite wines. But make no mistake about it: These are NOT your average wine accessories.
And here’s why: The Perfect Wine Opener Considered by many to be the “World’s Easiest Wine Opener,” the Perfect Wine Opener does NOT require you to pull, tug, or rip the cork out of your bottle. Instead, it uses the power of air to “pop” it out – with zero spillage and no little cork pieces floating in your first glass. Just insert the needle into the bottle, pump it a few times, and watch as the cork slides out with ease. Push. Pump. Pop. It really is that simple.

Please follow these instructions to open your bottle of wine:
1. Use the foil cutter, to gently cut and remove the wine bottle foil.
2. With the wine bottle vertical, center the wine opener needle on the centre of the cork.
3. Insert the needle fully into the wooden cork, the safety guard will cover the top of the bottle. Do not hold the safety guard.
4. Grasp firmly the neck of the bottle below the safety guard, with your other free hand hold the handle of the Wine Opener.
5. Press the handle up and down to pump air into the bottle until the cork pops out of the bottle. For a new bottle this is about 5-10 pumps. For partial bottles with less wine in the bottle; more pumps are required.
6. Push the safety guard and Sliding Disc together to push the cork off the needle.


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